The idea of setting up a marine club in Piraeus was first conceived at the Bar of Athens Hilton Hotel during an impromptu celebration following the completion of the purchase of a Niarchos tanker.

Exact dates are long forgotten, but it must have been on a rather merry afternoon of the month of May in the year 1966.

Pledges were signed on the back of the Bar pricelist by Costas Xenos (representing the seller), Mark Scufalos and Nicolas Joannides (the buyers), Nico J. Cotzias (the broker) and Albert White (the principal of ABS).

By September 1967 the first Articles of incorporation had already been approved by the Court and one year later with the then few members’ hard work and the active support of the First National City Bank of New York (now Citibank) and the National Bank of Greece, the Piraeus Marine Club was launched on the 29 January 1968.

The launch was followed by an intense explosion of activity. Bankers produced the necessary funds. Decorators and carpenters were contracted. Restaurant experts were consulted and signed on. And finally, on the 26 January 1969, the lounge and restaurant of the Club were completed in the Port of Piraeus, occupying the two top floors at 51 Akti Miaouli in Piraeus.

Twenty five years later, in 1992, the Lounge, Bar and Reception areas were fully renovated, with substantial donations and sponsorships from Club members. The Restaurant space was enlarged with the addition of a third floor (the Sky Lounge). With its panoramic views and slanting windows, the Sky Lounge gives the distinct feeling of dining on the bridge of a mega yacht.

Indeed the Marine Club is unique in providing a cozy, club environment for business and relaxation, during and after a hectic day in the office.