Piraeus, April 29, 2024

Press Release

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, a working luncheon was held at the Piraeus Marine Club, with the Minister for State Mr Makis Voridis as guest of honour speaker.

Our members had the opportunity to pose questions to the Minister Mr. Makis Voridis, a constructive dialogue, with a view and ideas exchanging on current issues concerning Greece, the challenges of the upcoming European elections and the important role of Shipping.

Special mention was made of the significant contribution of 50.000.000 euros from the UNION OF GREEK SHIPOWNERS through the wider maritime world, as an effort to restore the damages in Thessaly.

We would like to thank the 3 event Sponsors

Mr Thanasis Martinos, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime limited.

Mr Panos Iliopoulos, Ilios Shipping co s.a.  

Dr. Nikolaos Tsakos, Tsakos Group. 

On a final note, we would like to express our gratitude to the members of the press whose present ensure a flawless and consummate coverage of the event.

The Board of Directors of the Piraeus Marine Club kindly thank you for your continued support.

Photos follows

The President of the Piraeus Marine Club, Mr. George Sp. Alexandratos, awards an honorary plaque to the Minister of State, Member of Parliament and Lawyer Mr. Makis Voridis, bearing the Oath of Themis with an engraved personal inscription. 

From left to right:

Admiral Stelios Kostalas on behalf of one of the three Sponsors of the event Mr. Nikolaos Tsakos, Mr. Thanasis Martinos, CEO of Eastern Mediterranean Maritime limited also a Sponsor, the President of the Piraeus Marine Club, Mr. Alexandratos, the Minister of State Mr. Makis Voridis holding the plaque awarded to him after his speech at the working luncheon, Mr. Charalambos Simantonis, President of EENMA and Mr. Iliopoulos ceo of Ilios Shipping co s.a. also Sponsor of the event.