20th International P&I Conference

On behalf of the Piraeus Marine Club BoD, Maria S. Prevezanou  (Treasurer),  organized the 20th International P&I Conference on 28th January 2021, which this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions was in the form of a Webinar.

The event proved to be as informative, insightful and enjoyable as ever with over 460 viewers from various sectors of the Shipping community.

We would like to thank once again all our members and friends for their generous sponsorships and donations which will greatly assist the financials of our Club these challenging times.


20th International P & I Conference (WEBINAR)

28th January 2021


14:00    Opening Address :

Ms. Irene S. Daifas  –  CEO – Stavros Daifas Maritime Co. SA. – President of the BoD of the PMC

14 :05    

Ms. Maria S. Prevezanou –  Director – Evmar Marine Services Ltd.  – Treasurer of the BoD of the PMC /

Organiser of the Conference


Introduction by the Chairman of the meeting : Mr. Lou Kollakis –  Honorary Chairman

Chartworld Shipping Corp.

14:20     Topic No 1 :

In what ways has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way in which P&I insurers

conduct their business? Which are merely ephemeral, and which are likely to endure?


Mr. George D. Gourdomichalis

Managing Director

Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A

Speakers :

Mrs. Alexandra Couvadelli

Senior Claims Directorof P&I and FD&D

The UK Club

Mr. Kjell-Åke Augustsson

Senior Vice President, Head of Skuld Piraeus


Mr. James Bamforth

Head of Claims, Claims Manager

The Swedish Club

               Mr. Stephen Martin               

Executive Chairman

Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd

Questions & Answers

15:05      Topic No 2:

How sustainable are the individual Clubs and IG current competition practices in regard to premium rating, renewal policies and the continuing subsidy of underwriting losses from investment income, given relentlessly rising Pool claims, the negative effect of COVID-19 on several sectors of the shipping industry and the uncertainties of the global economy going forward?

Moderator :

Mr. Dinos Caroussis


Chios Navigation ( Hellas ) Ltd.

Speakers :

Mr. Paul Jennings


The North of England P&I Association Limited

        Chairman of the International Group of P&I Clubs

Mr. Tom Bowsher

Group CEO

West of England Insurance Services SA

Mr. Rolf  Thore Roppestad


Gard AS

Mr. Steve Roberts


The London P&I Club

Mr. Dimitris Batalis

General Manager – Greece

The Shipowners Club (SOP)

Questions & Answers

16:00      Topic No. 3:

Looking back over the twenty years since the first Seminar, how is the P&I world

different from how it was then? Is it better, or worse, from the shipowner’s point of view?

Looking forward, what are the major challenges which will confront the P&I world in the years to come?

Moderator :

Mr. Lou Kollakis

Honorary Chairman

Chartworld Shipping Corp.

Speakers :

Mr.  Joe Hughes


The American Club

Mr. Philip Stephenson

Regional Claims Director

The Standard Club

Mr. Konstantinos Samaritis

Divisional Director

Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited

Questions & Answers

16:45      Closing remarks by the Chairman Mr. Lou Kollakis


1st Session with George Gourdocmichalis as Moderator

2nd Session with Dinos Caroussis as Moderator

3rd Session with Lou Kollakis as Moderator