Working Luncheon with honored guest speakers Dr.Thanos Dokos & Mr Athanasios Ellis,5/12/2019

Piraeus, December 11, 2019



The Piraeus Marine Club Enhances Its Role as a Center for Regional Intelligence for its Membership

On Thursday December 5th, 2019 the Piraeus Marine Club featured a talk as a part of its series of Working Luncheons highlighting key current events issues entitled Geopolitical Developments: Risks and Opportunities and bringing together two highly regarded experts for an exclusive connection with Piraeus Club members.

Dr. Thanos Dokos, Deputy National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, Doctor of International and Strategic Studies of Cambridge University, spoke on and analyzed the very critical issues on the tension in the Aegean and the Greek–Turkish relations’ prospects, while Mr Athanasios Ellis, Senior Diplomatic Editor and Columnist for the daily KATHIMERINI enlightened the audience on changes and developments in US politics.

Dr. Dokos subject was the “Greek foreign policy challenges and choices within a deteriorating Security Environment” emphasized the higher degree of conflict rising between Greece and Turkey which could have significant consequences not only on the two countries but in the region generally and reflected on the continuing clashing of even simplistic aspects of coastline borders which remain to date a serious point of contention.

Mr. Ellis subject was “US foreign policy during the Trump administration and the forthcoming Presidential elections”

The members had the opportunity to raise questions and delve deeper into the topics while the two distinguished speakers provoked an engaging discussion.

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The President of Piraeus Marine Club Ms. Irene S. Daifas welcomes our special guests and principal speakers


The two speakers at Piraeus Marine Club, Dr. Thanos Dokos & Mr Athanasios Ellis on the right